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Make up your decision

Decision making is a process we dive into many times every day, sometimes even without noticing. It is important for both our personal and professional life. Although there are many materials dedicated to the topic, the DiGiPort team also addressed it throught the training materials elaborated with focus on spotting oportunities and valuing ideas.

You will soon be abale to take advantage of all materials. Till then we invite you to explore your own decision making  style using this test:…/discover-your-decision-making-style

“Decision making is a process that involves choosing between two or more options. Every decision is limited by the individual’s personal abilities (what he/she can do) and his/her motivation (what he/she wants to do and to achieve).

Decision making is the processing of information that leads to a certain choice. Each decision presupposes engaging in a certain course of action and neglecting others [Dictionary of Counseling, 1993, p. 47].

The decision-making processes is made based on a study of multiple options in order to formulate a satisfactory outcome. Decision making is a complex process, as it involves the personal values, beliefs, own interests, inclinations, preferences, habits, experience and so much more.

In many situations in our lives we have to make decisions – but each one is different from the others. A person may feel the need for change as an internal need or a necessity imposed by the environment. The level of efficiency in the decision-making process depends on the level of self-awareness.”

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