You are currently viewing 3rd project meeting for our partner organizations in Basque Country, France

3rd project meeting for our partner organizations in Basque Country, France


Our partners from Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria and Cyprus had the chance to meet in sunny Bayonne, France for the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of DiGiPORT Project.
ANTIC Pays Basque hosted the two days meeting and the agenda discussed among the partners covered all the next implementation steps for the project. More specifically, the partners discussed in depth and detail how they will implement the online creative hackathons coming up soon. Each partner will test the training modules developed on digital and entrepreneurial skills and the DiGiPort platform with its target audience, Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS) professionals and artists, in its national context during these hackathons.

Additionally, based on the feedback received during the LTTA in November 2022 and the first tests realized by partners during the winter, the functionality and the interface of the adjusted version of the DiGiPort platform was thoroughly discussed. The platform will allow CCS professionals and artists to create their own digital pop-up shops, through which they will be able to promote and disseminate their work and reach out to their target groups in times when venue based and physical activities are impossible to be organized and implemented.
Our next meeting will take place in Ireland over the summer and by then we will have the first impact data collected from our target group after the hackathons are done.
Stay tuned!

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